The People

“The People”, when used by Tony Blair or by anyone on the left of politics, does not refer to “all of the people”. Nor does it mean a democratic process. Instead it means that a very small number of  “people” impose what they want onto the entire population.


“The people” may mean Trade Union bosses. “My members” was a favourite term as well to attempt to legitimise power-hungry leaders’ actions. Still a favourite term with today’s Labour Party to mean “You do what we tell you to do”.

“The People’s Vote” is nothing more than a Tony Blair-led attempt to overturn the referendum of 2016.

“The People’s Republic of China” means a vast nation of (actual) people dictated to by a tiny number of politicians and bureaucrats. Albania was also a “People’s Republic” from 1946 to 1998, during which period it was a totalitarian Communist state.


When anyone uses the term “The People”, be suspicious .... be very suspicious. Their real meaning is going to be something very different to the superficial meaning of the words.